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Book Of Shadows

Season 7

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Reverse the Invoking of the Gods
We call upon the mortal ways
And Gods who guide but may not stay
We seek those of divinity
Just separate from and set them free

Summon Lady Godiva
Where Royals lived, so did She
Bring forth a naked lady
From the 11th century

Send Lady Godiva Back
From lands afar in time and space
Take her back from this place
One that dwelled must remain
And send her back to her domain

Summon Lord Dyson
We look to find the evil set free
Bring this demon before us three

Send Lady Godiva and Lord Dyson Back
From lands afar in time and space
Take them now from this our place
Two that dwell so must remain
And send them back to their domain

Send Godiva Back
A time for everything
And to everything its place
Return what's been moved
Through time and space

Summon Grams
Hear me now, hear my cry
Spirit from the other side
Cross now the great divide

End Sibling Rivalry
Pass your petty jealousies to darkest nights
Let these feuding siblings no longer fight

To Freeze Someone
Let this girl quick as a sneeze
Stop her snit and quickly freeze

Reversal Spell
Reverse the spell from the book
And please return what was took

To Call the Fountain of Youth
With these offerings I call on thee
The Goddess of Fertility
Rise now, show is the truth
Give us the gift of eternal youth

To Free Zankou
Lexonero Bestia Lexonero!

To See Guardian Angels
Show me what the evil sees
Even if at lightning speeds

Call a Sorcerer
Sorcerer of darkness, d
emon of fright
I call you now into my sight

Vanquish the Sorcerer
Evil blasts we cannot use
The Power of Three now lights their fuse

Go to the Moment Souls Were Lost
Free our souls from their shells
See where the lost spirits dwell
Long enough to find their pain
Quick enough to return again

To Get Back
Veta verre abraxis

To Free the Nexus
Natum Adai Necral
Dan Itan Lonok

Banish the Nexis
I am light
I am one too strong to fight
So go away and leave my sight
And take with you this endless night

To Switch Your Soul Into Another's Body
Ekat Ym Lous
Ekhat Ah Demrahc Enu
Edart Meht Won
A lock of hair completes our goal
To help us reclaim our sister's soul
Banish this demon, spare no pain
Bring Phoebe back from the ghostly plane

To Summon Future Wyatt
Help this mother understand
The thoughts inside her little man
Though his mouth be quiet
Let us hear his inner Wyatt

To Break a Curse
Evil taints what was once held dear
Remove this curse away from here

To Send Future Wyatt Back to His Own Time
A son in the future, a son in the past
Seeing anew what once has passed
Return him now to whence he came
Right when he left, all now the same

To Turn Someone into an Animal(unfinished)
Something wicked in our midst
In our home where he exists...

Reverse the spell
From whence I fell

To Rebond with the Book of Shadows
The Power of Three will set us free
The Power of Three will set us free
The Power of Three will Set us free

To Vanquish the Nexus
From ancient time, this power came
For all to have, but none to reign
Take it now, show no mercy
Fore this power can no longer be