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Charmed: The Next Generation

How To Apply

The Prophecy
Pepper's Bio
Patience's Bio
Paton's Bio
Our Spells
Book Of Shadows
Magic School

If you would like to join the role play, please email me at with this form:
Character's Name (1st and last):
What being are you? (i.e. whitelighter, witch, demon, etc.):
Any powers? (limit 5):
School your character goes to, if you still go to school (Magic School, Demonic School, public school, etc):
How your character knows the new Charmed Ones:
Other details (optional):
If you don't get a reply within 5 days, please send me another email. Oh, I almost forgot, here are a few rules:
1) There are no more openings for characters related to the Halliwells.
2) As for powers, Powers
 for a list of powers. However, you cannot choose one of the powers specific to the Halliwells. They are listed there for reference only.
3) Please don't ask if you can have more than five powers. That is the limit for beginners. You may be upgraded a power or two eventually.
4) If you choose a rare power such as telepathy you will only be allowed 3 powers.
5) It is preferred to come up your own character, not one from the show. Original characters are more flexible.
These rules aren't set in stone. They may be changed or edited, and some may be added if need be. And they may be completely ignored under special circumstances.