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Charmed: The Next Generation

Patience Melinda Halliwell

The Prophecy
Pepper's Bio
Patience's Bio
Paton's Bio
Our Spells
Book Of Shadows
Magic School

Birthday: April 11,1990
1/2 whitelighter-witch

~Molecular Immobalization
~Molecular Combustion
~Telekinetic Orbing

Element: Earth

Nickname: Mother Nature (elemental nickname)

Mother: Piper Halliwell- Charmed One
Father: Leo Wyatt- Former Whitelighter
Brothers: Wyatt and Chris Halliwell

Family History: About two years after Piper and Leo were married they had Wyatt. A year later Chris was born, and Patience two years after that.  A few months after Patience was born, Leo gave up on being an Elder and 'fell from grace'. Shortly after, he became headmaster of Magic School and has remained so ever since. When the kids were teenagers, Piper sold P3 and opened up a restaurant where Chris and his best friend James work part-time. Patience dedicates most of her time to her magical, musical, and lingual studies, occasionally making time to go out with her cousins and witch boyfriend James to vanquish a few demons.

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