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Book Of Shadows

Season 6

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Vanquish Trok Demon
From other worlds far and near
Take him, the Trok, out of here
Activate Memories
Powers and emotions tied
A witches heart is where it hides
Help her though her agony
Bless her with her memory
Change a Dog back to Human
I call upon the Halliwells
I call our powers to undo this spell
Make it right again, that me must
Reverse the spell that made this mutt
Reverse Memory Spell
Spell was cast
Now make it pass
Remove it now
Don't ask me how
Restore Piper's Feelings
Open Piper's heart to reveal
The part which only Phoebe feels
Send it back from whence it came
But don't protect her from the pain
To Fill in the Blanks
Moments lost make witches wonder
Warlocks plot or demons plunder
If this is not a prank
Help is to fill in the blanks
Summon a Spirit
Unknown spirit we call to thee
Those who wish to set you free
Cross on over so we may help
Come to us, reveal yourself
To See in a Bowl Filled WIth Black Liquid
Give me sight through the blackest bile
Show me the faces I revile
To Switch Identities
Blinking faces black and hohum
We are they, and they are no one
Grant to us the Power of Three
And turn them into nobody
To Call a Witch's Powers
Powers of the witches rise
Coarse unseen accross the skies
Come to us who call you near
Come to us and settle here
` Find the Source of a Wound
Lead me back from whence this came
Help me help my sister's pain
Summon Zahn
We call upon the Ancient Powers
To summon one to save a soul
To Make Invincible
Blessed with powers from my destiny
Bless this hero with invincibility
To Call The Book of Shadows
I call upon the Ancient Power
To help us in this darkest hour
Let the Book return to this place
To claim refuge in its rightful space
To Go Back In Time
Hear these words, hear this rhyme
Heed the hope within my mind
Send me back to where I'll find
What I wish in space and time
To Call Powers Back
Powers of the witches rise
Come to me across the skies
Return my magic, give me back
All that was taken from the attack
Turn Police Batons into Flowers
They have no rights
They have no powers
Turn their hate sticks into flowers!
Seduce a Police Officer
Come to me and be seduced
I have a girl to introduce
Fall for her, you can't resist her
Trust me mister, she's my sister
Warlock Love Spell
May peace and love
From the moon above
Flow through your heart
On the wings of a dove
Warlock Vanquish
Snuff this warlock
His days are done
But make him good for the eco-system
Vanquish the Slime Demon
Drawing on the Power of Three
Destroy this evil entity
To Allow Evl to Roam
And so I call upon the Crone
Let evil roam insde ths home
Destroy the Swarm King
Demons that swarm, that serve as one
Vanquish him from which they come
Conjure a Perfect Man
A perfect man we summon now
Another way we don't know how
To make our sister see the light
Somewhere out there is Mr. Right
Set the Table
On Piper's day, set the table
With all the favors you are able
Aura Cleanse
I call to thee, pure witches fire
Through vortex flow the Heavenly mire
Cleanse brackish aura of debris
From dark to light, sweep history
Karma Cleanse
I call to thee, pure witches fire
Through vortex flow the Heavenly mire
Cleanse brackish karma of debris
From dark to light, sweep history
Vanquish the Headless Horseman
Power of Three unite
To end this grisly fight
Reverse the roles
And make us whole
Communicate with Someone Trapped in the Ghostly Plane
Sister spirit, we call to thee
Cross on over so we may see
To Morph Into Your Teen Self
Those who mock who I am
Let them always remember when
Change People to the Senior Class
The past is the future
And the future is the past
Lets welcome back the Senior Class!
Create An Illusion
(to see)- Make them see what cannot be
Flames that leap to make them flee
(to hear)- Make him hear what isn't there
His deepest worries come to bear
To Glamour Into Chris
Who you are, you're now another
Take the face of Wyatt's brother
To Return a Leprechaun to its Normal Size
You who found me in this bar
Return to who you really are
Turn Flowers to Fire
Flowers that bring desire
Make them turn into fire!
Summon Mr. Right
A perfect man I summon now
Another way I don't know how
Bring him now into the light
Come back to me Mr. Right
Vanquish by Aging
What once resided in this place
Shall soon be gone with no haste
Make this girl age in time
As punishment for her heinous crime
To Activate a Ronyx Crystal
Mallock Corman Alli-tas
Make a Portal to a Parallel World
In our place and in this hour
We call upon the Ancient Power
Open the door throught time and spce
Create a path to another place
To Make a Blade Penetrate a Shield
Quantum powers in this blade yield
Penetrate that which would shield
Vanquish Gideon
We call upon the Ancient Lore
To punish with the Power of Four
Strike down this threat from both there and here
Make him suffer, then disappear
To Make Sisters Happy
I call now the powers, Blessed Be
To make my sisters hap-happy!