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Charmed: The Next Generation

Pepper Cassandra Halliwell

The Prophecy
Pepper's Bio
Patience's Bio
Paton's Bio
Our Spells
Book Of Shadows
Magic School

Birthday: April 10, 1989
1/2 cupid-witch

~Heart Glistening
~Thought Projection
~Premonitions (of the past only)
Elemnt: Fire

Nicknames: Preppy Peppy, Love's Fire (elemental nickname)

Mother: Phoebe Halliwell- Charmed One
Father: Coop- Cupid
Sisters: Prudence and Patricia Halliwell

Family History: Not even a year after Phoebe and Coop were wed did they have their first daughter, Pepper. Their second daughter, Prudence, was born two years later, and Patricia six years after that. Coop continues working as a cupid and Phoebe as not only an advise collumnist, but also as a successful author. Pepper spends a lot of her time with her sisters, cousins, and whitelighter boyfriend Ulysses.