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Charmed: The Next Generation

Paton Elizabeth Mitchell

The Prophecy
Pepper's Bio
Patience's Bio
Paton's Bio
Our Spells
Book Of Shadows
Magic School

Birthday: April 10, 1990
1/4 whitelighter-witch

~Telekinetic orbing
~Sonic Vanquish (the ability to vanquish lower-level demons with a certain tone of voice, in this case by song)
Element: Water

Nicknames: Pato, Fishgirl, Neptune's Storm (elemental nickname)

Mother: Paige Matthews- Charmed One
Father: Henry Mitchell- Parole Officer
Sister: Patra Mitchell (deceased)
Brother: Henry Mitchell Jr.

Family Info: About a year after Pepper was born, Paige and Henry had twin girls, Paton and Patra. Two years after, Paige gave birth to Little Henry. Paton and Patra were attacked about five years later by a lower-level demon. Paton was able to deflect the attacks, but Patra was frozen with fear and, unable to defend herself, was killed. Paige continued working as a whitelighter and Henry continued his work as a parol officer. Paton spends a lot of time with her cousins and half whitelighter-mortal boyfriend Tyler.