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Charmed: The Next Generation

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Our Spells
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When we get bored in school, we write random spells for various things, i.e. Teacher vanquishes, to get out of class, to finish classwork, etc. Feel free to use any if you wish.

= = means it's a Power of Two Spell (two from one 'set' of Charmed Ones)
~ ~ means it's a Power of Three Spell (all three from one 'set' of Charmed Ones)
* * means it's a Power of Four Spell (two from each 'set' of Charmed Ones)
no markings means it only takes one witch to cast it

~Light Spell~
(my little brother wrote this one...i'm still figuring out what its for)
Let this spell work as we try
Let everybody hear our cry
We are the ones, we are free
We are the ones with the Power of Three
We use this power with all our might
Let everybody see our light
Theif Vanquish
You who steal inside this school
While you may think it's very cool
Stealing is a lethal crime
One that will take you before your time
=Vanquish a Cheating Boyfriend=
Cheating jackass go to Hell
You don't deserve this Halliwell
You thought with your dick instead of your head
Because of your crime, you will be dead!
Vanquish Jeff Woods
Your smart ass coments are no good
I vanquish thee now Jeff Woods
Conjure Candy
My powers now are really handy
To conjure some Valentine's Day candy
Make Spanish Class Fun
All my work is done
This class still is not fun
So I won't go insane
Let's play a Spanish Game
To Heal a Broken Heart
My heart is breaking
My soul is aching
I ask you to help me find
Closure and peace of mind
~Vanquish Gideon~
From good to bad
It's very sad
What you have become
With this spell
You'll do to Hell
For trying to kill Piper and Leo's son
Matt K. Vanquish
Matt you are an ass
This class you cannot pass
I'll use this very spell
To send you straight to Hell
To Get Out of Gym Class
I hate this sport
Don't want to play
So get me out of Gym today
=Vanquish Mr. Manzo=
Mr. Manzo you are dumb
You make your class no longer fun
My hunger for knowledge is not fed
So with this spell you will be dead
Vanquish Brook
Brook, you're dumb
You are not fun
You're empty head
Will soon be dead
To Make a Teacher Shut Up
Hey teacher, I am really beat
So please shut up and let me sleep
Vanquish Mr. Dare
You piss me off all of the time
You're driving me out of my mind
When you're gone, no one will care
I vanquish thee, Mr. Dare
You tease me all the time
And you're annoying as Hell
Witth magic I will find
And kill you with this spell
Cure Boredom
My mind is clear of any thought
I am so bored I can't be tought
Help me like the class I'm in
And stay awake until the end
~Get Out of Class~
We really need to get out of this Hell
Create a diversion with this spell
To Calm Down and Relieve Stress
I cannot be my best
When I am so stressed
So put my mind at ease
Turn my chaos into peace
Pass a Class
I hate this stupid class
I know I'm gonna fail
You have to help me pass
Or else I'll scream and wail!
Vanquish Mr. Wolfe
I cannot play your music
I cannot past your test
I vanquish thee, Mr. Wolfe
Because it's for the best
Fix a Broken Violin String
You have done me a wrong
You broke in my plain sight
I have to fix you now
In order to play right
Fix a Broken Instrument
In a fit of anger
I broke it yesterday
But now I need it fixed
Because I have to play
~Vanquish a Little Twerp~
You ruined our snow fort
So now you little twerp
You will exist no more
Because you were a jerk!
Vanquish an Asshole
Asshole you can go to Hell
So sayeth this Halliwell!
Turn Into a Frog
My sibling is whom I speak
They smell each day of constant reek
(insert name) is such a hog
I turn thee now into a frog
Teacher Vanquish
Teacher in plain sight
I use this spell with all my might
This vanquish seals your fate
Because you yelled at me for being late
Finish Classwork
I have claswork I can't do
I have the power I can use
Use my power, use it well
Complete my classwork with this spell
Evil being in our midst
You are making us very pissed
With all our strength, we fight this fate
Make this evil obliterate!
We call upon the Ancient Power
To Help us in this darkest hour
Strinke down this threat from there and here
Make him suffer, then disappear!
~To Get Out~
We want to leave this world
Be it far or be it near
Just take us out of here
When I want to go to the mall
All you demons have to call
You have bugged me too long
You are now gone sayeth this spell
Evil creature go to Hell
We vanquish thee with this spell
To Bind Powers for an Hour
For an hour in this time
I call the spirits to help bind
Take his powers, blessed be
But only temporarily
~To Find a Lost Witch~
In this time, our darkest hour
We call upon the Ancient Power
Mothers. daughters, sisters, friends
Our family's magic has no end
We call the spirits to help find
A witch now lost before her time
To Get Away
Walls are caving and surrounding
In the water I am drowning
Be it far or be it near
Please just take me away from here
To Banish a Mortal Step-Mom
Evil step-mom, you drive me insane
I banish thee to another plane
~Vanquish All the Boys in Gym Class~
If you have a dick
You really have no whit
Your arrogance sends you to Hell
For pushing down a Halliwell
~Darryl Vanquish~
(we have a guy named Darryl in our Gym Class...his mission in life is to irritate us to death)
Annoying person in our midst
We no longer need you to exist
You body will now be unseen
We vanquish thee from Aberdeen(the town he lives in)
To Call Family
Brohters, sisters, parents, friends
My heart's belongings have no ends
I miss my beloved family
I wish that they could come find me
=Send a Sign=
Dammit Grams, send us a sign
Fore what you want, we cannot find
Shut Up an Annoying Sibling
Your mouth is running all the time
I don't know what to do
I'll shut you up with this rhyme
Your voice no longer has a use
To Find a Missing Book
Everywhere I must have looked
But I still cannot find that book
Show me a way to find what I seek
Before my future looks bleek
To Scratch an Itch
(my brother had me write this...he's disgusting)
I have the powers of a witch
But I can't reach this annoying itch
Please scratch my (insert body part) for me
Before I die of misery
~Vanquish Demons that Absorb Powers~
Demon of Hell, creature of lore
Your legend stands now nevermore
Give back the powers you absorb and take
Then self destruct and obliterate!
~To Strip Powers~
In this hour and in this time
We call the spirits to help Bind
Take his powers, blessed be
Strip them for eternity!
Vanquish Ms. Lane
Your work is driving me insane
I don't know what to do
Your time is up now Ms. Lane
And that's the very truth!
~Vanquish Cody~
Blood to blood
Ash to ash
Evil spawned from darkness past
By the Power of Three
Leave this realm, be gone at last
~Vanquish Cody (backup spell)~
Blood to blood
Ash to ash
Evil spawned from darkness past
By the Power of Three
Go away and Let us be
~Vanquish Cody (backup backup spell)~
Halliwell spirits of witches born
Direct your hatred into scorn
Attack this evil, protect us three
Banish him for eternity
=To Win in Gym Class=
If we don't win this game
We swear we'll go insane
If the other team should happen to lose
Our game skills will greatly improve
To Sense Someone in a Parallel Realm
Mothers are missing, or maybe we
Another realm where they may be
Let me sense worlds parallel
So we may find the missing Halliwells
Un-Grounding Spell
The sirens have been sounded
And I'm in trouble deep
I quickly need to be un-grounded
Before my powers get re-bounded
~To Have Someone Not Get into a Far Away College~
A college far away
Is where he must not stay
We greatly fear
He won't stay here
If then, he'll have to pay
=Vanquish Ray=
You bother every other day
Refuse to leave and always stay
Let us be, for eternity
Ray, go away forever
*Summon Barbas*
Demon of fear, I'm not afriad
I wish to live another day
Come to me
I summon thee
Appear to us with your evil way
*Vanquish Barbas*
Calling on the Power of Four
Death becomes you forevermore
The Power of Three
Will be set free
And time will be restored
*Vanquish Barbas (backup)*
We witches will, with this rhyme
Punish you for your heinous crime
The Power of Three
Will be set free
And Mimi will help restore time
=Summon Family=
(they appear invisible to everyone else)
Piper and Prue
We summon you
Let it be
So only we can see
And vanquish to find the truth
~To Harm Those Whom Harm A Friend~
For the heart you broke
Your throat will choke
Fore the tears that were shed
Will hang your head
Calling on the Power of Three
We save this victim's destiny
And to those whom harmed our friend
Your bitter lives come to an end!

-Spells written by Patience and Pepper Halliwell