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Charmed: The Next Generation

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Magic School

Our Magic School is a bit different than the one on the show

          Instead of there being grades like in a normal school, Magic School students are different levels. For instance, a normal 13 year old student is usually in 8th grade (at least in my school district). A 13 year old Magic School student is a Level 5 witch.

          There are 6 levels. Each student learns a different level for two years before moving on to the next, unless they do not past the test. If a student excells at the level 6 classes, they have the option to take advanced classes and/or become a teacher's aid for level 1 and pre-school classes. Here's a list of the different levels:

Preschool/Daycare- age
Level 1- age5-6
Level 2- age7-8
Level 3- age 9-10
Level 4- age 11-12
Level 5- age 13-14
Level 6- age 15-16
Advanced classes/teacher aids- age 17+